Thanks    for    dropping    by    our    website.    We    are    Vancouver’s premier Wax & Candle making supply provider. Our   company   has   been   in   the   beeswax   business   since   1959   and the   bees   have   taught   us   a   lot   about   what   they   do   with   their   day. They   have   also   shared   with   us   some   of   their   efforts,   and   we continue to learn from them as the years go on.  In    1984,    we    expanded    our    product    line    to    include    paraffin waxes   and   continued   to   grow   from   there.   Today   we   carry   25 different     kinds     of     paraffin     and     microcrystalline     waxes,     4 different   soy   waxes,   and   other   palm   oil   based   products.   And   for the   specialists   out   there,   we   even   carry   Carnauba   to   give   you that   high   depth   hard   shine!   Sore   joints?   Try   our   physiotherapy wax    for    great    relief.    We    also    have    a    large    variety    of    wicks, scents, and molds to help you make the perfect candle! We    think    a    look    through    our    website    will    give    you    a    lot    of information   that   you   will   find   useful   and   educational.   As   we learn    new    information,    our    website    will    continue    to    evolve. Enjoy your time with us, and thanks for the click! Cheers, Wicks & Wax.
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Wicks & Wax
Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 9-5:30pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm Closed Sundays & Statutory Holidays Closed Feb 8 for BC family Day Contact p: 604-294-1232 f:  604-294-1231 e: sales@wicksandwax.com Conveniently located at: 2565 Eastbrook Parkway Burnaby, B.C.  V5C 5W2 Canada Click here for map Melon Limoncello Tangerine Pixie Sexy Cherry Pineapple Paprika Apricot Leaf Washed Driftwood Dahlia & Vine Lychee Lust Water Hyacinth New travel tins! We’ve added a variety of sizes of tins with clear top lids. Great for candles & many other uses!

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